Earthquake Hazard Report Site Seismic Report Detailed Vulnerability Report

Earthquake Hazard Report
(Level C Assessment - $300)

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Earthquakes are natural events the world over, but do occur in certain areas of the world more frequently and with greater intensities than others.
In seismically active areas, such as parts of Canada, the chance of experiencing damage from an earthquake depends on:
  • Geology
  • Engineering
  • Preparedness

The basic Earthquake Hazard Report provides you with critical information as to the likelihood of a damaging earthquake affecting your house, townhouse, suite, or apartment given your location relative to known faults, the regional seismicity and best estimates as to the geology under your structure.
No site visit is required and these reports can usually be issued within 48 hours.
Reports include:
  • British Columbia Seismicity
  • Types of earthquakes in BC
  • Earthquake Shaking Probabilities
  • Expected shaking intensity and duration
  • Likelihood of a subduction tsunami
  • Preparedness tips

Site Seismic Report
(Level B Assessment - $1500)

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The Site Seismic Report provides you with all the critical hazard information offered in the Earthquake Hazard Report, plus additional information regarding your house, townhouse, condo, suite or apartment given the age, design, and construction of the structure and the site conditions. This Assessment involves a site visit by one of our professionals and a survey of the exterior of the property.
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Detailed Vulnerability Report
(Level A Assessment)

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The Detailed Vulnerability Report provides you wih all the information in the Earthquake Hazard Report and the Site Seismic Report plus an in-home assessment of structural, non-structural and organizational vulnerabilities to damaging seismic shaking. The assessment is conducted on-premises and includes non-invasive surveys inside and around subject structures.
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